NYC DOT CommissionerFrom the Commissioner: New York City has one of the largest and most complex street networks in the world, including over 12,000 miles of sidewalks and more than 320,000 ramps. DOT is committed to making our pedestrian space safe and accessible for all users. I hope you will learn more about our pedestrian ramp program from the resources provided on this site – and contact us with any questions or concerns. –Polly Trottenberg
Quemuel ArroyoFrom the ADA Coordinator & Disability Service Facilitator: DOT is undergoing a comprehensive inventory and assessment of pedestrian ramps across the City. This effort will help us prioritize our work, deploy crews efficiently, and report accurately. We will encounter many challenges as we upgrade and install new pedestrian ramps citywide, but we are dedicated to getting the job done for all New Yorkers. –Quemuel Arroyo