Commissioner Ydanis RodriguezFrom the Commissioner:

Accessibility is about providing people with equitable opportunities, regardless of a person’s abilities or circumstances. Traveling around the city can be challenging for anyone, but New Yorkers with disabilities often face additional difficulties navigating our transportation infrastructure. DOT is committed to making our streets and sidewalks networks accessible to all, particularly aging New Yorkers and persons with disabilities.

With over 185,000 corners, the Pedestrian Ramp Program is a robust program focused on installing and upgrading pedestrian ramps (curb ramps) throughout the five boroughs. We invite you to explore the resources provided on our site to learn more about the program. –Ydanis Rodriguez

From the Accessibility Coordinator: There are many challenges with corner construction, and coordination with many entities is needed, but our program is committed to improving the accessibility of pedestrian ramps throughout the City. –Edmund Asiedu