Survey Progress

Pedestrian Ramps Surveyed as of 5/31/2019
Pedestrian Ramps Surveyed

A detailed inventory of our pedestrian ramps is currently underway. We are using high definition, street level imagery and ground-based LiDAR technology. Car-mounted equipment collects terrain and image information on two or more recorded runs. We will complete data collection by October 2019.

Survey Map

The map below illustrates the location of ramps where a survey of a pedestrian ramp has taken place. As of May 31st, 2019 there are a total of 215,416 ramps surveyed across all 5 boroughs. For an accessible version of the map visit the Find Surveyed Ramps by Street Intersection section. Please note the map does not reflect results of the survey only if a location has had a survey.

The information above shows locations with existing, surveyed pedestrian ramps. If a dot is not shown, the location was not surveyed or has no pedestrian ramps. DOT will add additional locations to the map on a rolling basis throughout the ongoing survey. Locations that do not have ramps will be evaluated for installation following completion of the survey. Please note that this information may contain errors and may not be complete.

How Are We Going to Use This Data?

DOT will assess the data extracted from LiDAR and imagery data collected for each ramp. We will determine whether a ramp needs an upgrade based on design standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act. DOT will start with ramps that are on newly resurfaced streets and ramps in connection with complaints. Next, we will combine survey data with demographic information to determine where to continue our work on a priority basis. We will complete the full assessment by October 2020.