N Y C D O T construction workers leveling out fresh concrete to build a new sidewalk corner.


FY24 Semi-Annual Progress Report (First Half)

FY23 Annual Progress Report

FY23 Semi-Annual Progress Report (Second Half)

FY23 Semi-Annual Progress Report (First Half)

FY22 Annual Progress Report

FY22 Semi-Annual Progress Report (Second Half)

FY22 Semi-Annual Progress Report (First Half)

FY21 Annual Progress Report 

FY21 Semi-Annual Progress Report (Second Half)

FY21 Semi-Annual Progress Report (First Half)

FY20 Annual Progress Report 

FY20 Semi-Annual Progress Report (Second Half)

FY20 Semi-Annual Progress Report (First Half)

Progress Report GIS Map

NYC DOT provides reports semi-annually outlining the progress made on the construction of pedestrian ramps. DOT developed a GIS color-coded map as part of each report posted on NYC DOT's Pedestrian Ramp Program website, which can be accessed directly through this link:
Pedestrian Ramp Program Progress Report Map

General Information

Program Overview
Postcard (Spanish) (Chinese) (French) (Russian) (Korean)

Construction Guidance

NYC DOT Standard Details of Construction (Includes H-1011)
Pedestrian Ramp Technical Infeasibility Form
TI 22-001 Supplemental Guidance on Technical Infeasibilities
TB 22-001 Revision to NYC DOT Standard Detail of Construction H-1011
TB 22-002 H-1060 Steel Faced Curb at Pedestrian Ramps and Sidewalk Curb
TI 23-001 Pedestrian Ramp Inspection Application (PRISM)
Pedestrian Ramp Inspection Application (PRISM) Quick Guide
Pedestrian Ramp Construction Triggers (Print)
Contractor Brochure (Spanish) (Chinese
Work Zones & ADA Compliance
Builders Pavement Plan (BPP) Frequently Asked Questions
NYC DOT Instructions for Filing Plans & Guidelines for the Design of Sidewalks


January 27, 2021 CAC Presentation