Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When does DOT install and upgrade pedestrian ramps?

DOT is committed to providing safe and accessible streets and sidewalks for all users. DOT typically performs new pedestrian ramp installation and upgrade work anytime alteration or new construction work occurs at legal pedestrian crossings, where needed. Click here for more information.

What factors will be used to determine where a pedestrian ramp will be installed?

DOT performs pedestrian ramp work in various ways: when a complaint is received, during the resurfacing of city streets, via implementation of Street Improvement projects and Capital projects (DDC on behalf of DOT), through sidewalk defect identification and also from a current prioritization analysis, which includes combining results of existing pedestrian ramp condition surveys with geographic and demographic information.

Will every corner in the five boroughs be assessed?

Yes, all corners in the five boroughs will be surveyed and assessed as part of DOT’s self-evaluation process.

How does DOT provide that corners are accessible for people who are blind or have low vision?

New and upgraded pedestrian ramps include a red (or white in special districts) detectable warning surface to help guide those who are blind or with low vision, and those who use wheelchairs or other mobility devices. DOT also has a program where it installs Audible Pedestrian Signals (APS) throughout the city. More information on that program can be found here.

Is it legal to park at a pedestrian ramp?

It is illegal to stand or park a vehicle at a pedestrian ramp located at a marked or unmarked crosswalk. Please see the New York City Traffic Rules (Section 4-08(f)(7) of Title 34 of the Rules of the City of New York) for the full text of the rule and Traffic Rules Section 4-01 for the definition of marked and unmarked crosswalk. The New York City Traffic Rules are available on the Department of Transportation (DOT) web site at DOT - Parking Regulations.

What should I do if I see a broken pedestrian ramp or have any questions or concerns regarding a pedestrian ramp?

Great question! If you have any questions or concerns about pedestrian ramps, contact DOT; or accessibility within the New York City area, we encourage you to reach out to our accessibility coordinator.